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What is Creators World?

your brand needs content...

...that is relatable, relevant & shareable! Reaching real people in a way that resonates. No more faceless brands, people trust people! The future is clearly organic, friendly and again shareable.

And in what format? Well Short-Form. Creators World helps you capture the opportunity of the short form content gold rush, where one piece of content has the opportunity to go viral on all platforms.

Capturing this opportunity is not just a huge chance for you but it’s necessary. Because if you fail to implement this, you will become less and less relevant.

You need to be producing viral videos with a team of creators that sell your product at scale.

And instead of working with an organic marketing agency that is copying our famous viral system and paying them thousands of dollars per month…

We give you:

The original proven system to copy and paste into your brand

Access to our academy of thousands of trained creators

Weekly consulting calls with us

all for just a one-time payment.

Because we believe that your investments should flow into creators and not agencies.

With our proven and super simple but extremely effective system, we make it unreasonable for you not to implement & master organic marketing as a sales channel for your brand.

Roadmap to becoming

a Viral Brand

How it works and what you’ll get...


Copy & Paste our System

With a Video Course and SOP Templates, we guide you step by step to copying our famous viral creators strategy system into your brand.

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Get Creators

We own the world's biggest academy of organic marketing creators. A community of talented creators eager to promote your brand.

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Weekly Coaching Calls

We host weekly coaching calls to help you build & manage your organic marketing system.

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Exclusive Community

You get access to our exclusive community. Chat with us and our team, our official partners and other viral brands.

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Bonus Resources

Thanks to us having incredible partners such as brand owners, shopify apps and agencies, we can offer you a lot of free bonus resources exclusive to our community of viral brands.

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One time payment

Lifetime access

Free updates

100% Money Back Guarantee

We own the world's biggest academy of organic marketing creators

A community of talented creators eager to promote your brand.


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trained creators

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What happens when we implement
our system to your Brand?

#1 - awareness and reach

#2 - TikTok Organic Gold Rush

#3 - UGC Video Production System

#4 - Word of mouth advertising

the results of our organic
e-commerce growth flywheel

it’s simple.

Attention is currency

Our systems generates attention

It’ll have direct leverage on your business

some of our most recent

case studies

case study: 0 to 60,000,000 Views in just 56 Days


2500+ members

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3 days ago

Our most successful creator for MySweetDreams amassed over 25,000,000 views and grew an audience of over 80,000 followers in 68 videos ALONE. So far we’ve brought on 150+ more trained creators and continue to spread the wildfire. Multiple successful accounts are building audiences for the brand, as well as creating content that is simultaneously crushing it as UGC Ads for MySweetDreams.

tiktok account screenshots

some viral videos

18.4 million views

1.7 million likes

457,000 shares/favorites

18.4 million views


38,000 shares/favorites

4.7 million views


40,000 shares/favorites

case study: 350+ social media accounts created


2500+ members

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3 days ago

Throughout our partnership, we onboarded 150+ unique creators and created 350+ social media accounts across all platforms. Simply repurposing the most viral Tiktoks to Instagram Reels had an incredible effect in this case. We conquered the social media feeds of their potential customers. In the first three weeks alone, our system generated over 22 million views. This converted well and was directly reflected in traffic and revenue.

who are the people
behind creators world?

Jason blax


Jason grew up in the world of advertising and found a passion for it very early on. By taking part in commercials for the biggest brands in the world himself, he gained priceless experience! Then he took that passion and knowledge to focus his time on directing commercials, marketing and advertising for Brands. Mastering the art of selling products through videos on social media. Here are some of the brands he's taken part in for commercials:

nikolai hauck


Nikolai is an Organic Marketing Wizard in every aspect! He managed to generate 2 million followers for himself as a personality, building connections with the largest influencers in the industry. He soon transitioned into building TikTok pages for brands and quickly found success in it. As of now he has managed 10+ brand accounts and amassed millions of followers for them.

together we're on a mission

to disrupt an industry with our unique system.

We like to challenge ourselves to think big & outside of the box.

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Guest Speaker

Creators World
Organic Marketing Agencies

Organic Marketing Agencies
One-time payment
Money Back Guarantee
Weekly coaching calls
The original viral creators system

Don’t spend thousands of dollars on organic marketing agencies that are trying to replicate our unique system.

One Time Payment VS Thousand of dollars per month

We’ve made it possible for you to copy & paste our original system to master organic marketing as a sales channel for your brand.

Beyond the system, your investments need to flow into creators!

Creators World owns the world's biggest academy with talented creators ready to get hired and create for your brand!

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creators world

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What's included?

Copy & Paste our Organic Marketing System

Step by Step Video Course + SOP Templates

Weekly Mastermind / Q&A Calls

Access to our Academy of Trained Creators

Access to our exclusive Community


only $2,970

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creators world

for corporations

...that need one on one consulting

What's included?

Everything in "For Brands" package

One on One Consulting with you / your team to build out the system, select & hire the right talented creators, managing them and scaling


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One time payment

Lifetime access

Free updates

100% Money Back Guarantee

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